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I worked at Uber as a product design intern during the Summer of 2018. My position was on the New Mobilities team where I worked on projects for Bike (JUMP), Rent, and Driver products. This summer I got to ship multiple projects which will help millions of users in the United States.



  • Lo-fidelity wireframing

  • Hi-fidelity screens

  • Designed dribble shots

  • Sole designer on multiple projects



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Go for the global maxima

Through extensive brainstorming and wire-framing, you are able to pass through tons of ideas quickly to help ensure you are choosing the best solution, not just a solution. There might be 100 ways to solve something, but if you break the problem down to its core, one of those solutions might prove to be the best.

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Communicate Early and Often

For each project, there are many stakeholders. This was new to me and I was able to begin to establish strong communication channels with PMs (Product Managers), UXR (UX Research), and engineering to speed up the workflow and ensure valuable time is not lost. The earlier everyone can be on board with where the project is headed, the quicker you can ship projects.

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Don’t be afraid to say no

Sometimes it can be difficult to say no to something that looks tempting… Saying yes to something means you are also saying no to another thing, so it is super important to make sure you are fully evaluating what you are saying no to and maximizing your ability to discern what you can take on. It is generally better to take on less than more because that allows you to increase your focus and effort level instead of trying to do too many things.

Summer 2018 Interns - 3rd Batch!

Summer 2018 Interns - 3rd Batch!


If you are interested in hearing more about my work experience this summer, I’d be happy to speak about it verbally, however, some of the work is still confidential.