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A little about me

I have always been a creative person and I am really enjoying what I am learning at SCAD. I switched from advertising to user experience design for two reasons. Ever since I was little, I always saw how things could be improved and wanted to change them. I would not dwell on these problems, however, I would find simple ways to fix them and make them better. I have always wanted to fix things rather than get rid of them. The second reason is because advertising has a negative connotation to a large number of people, especially compared to User Experience. I want to make things that can make people feel like their life is easier every day. User Experience Design allows me to help people which is something I care deeply about. 

I am experienced in photography and graphic design due to working as a freelance designer for 3 years now. Since beginning my college career I have worked several service jobs that have enhanced my desire to meet people’s needs and to be a problem solver. 

Out of my many favorite quotes, I specifically enjoy “‘Does it Better’ will always beat ‘Did it First’”. -Aaron Levie, CEO of Box