Some things I value:

Logic. Efficiency. Clarity.

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Cody Reppert

I love solving problems and getting things done. UX allows me to do what I love while helping people through the process.

I am an incoming product designer at Thumbtack.

Please hit me up and I’d love to chat or meet up in person if you’re in SF!

  • UBER

    Product Design Intern

    Worked on the new mobilities team specifically on the bike, scooter, and rent products. Worked closely with PMs and other stakeholders to find problems within the product and deliver global maximums as solutions. I greatly increased my ability to over-communicate and helped ship three projects that improved the UX of the products.


    Project Manager

    I managed the FORD Motor Company digital assistant collaboration project at SCAD. This project was 10 weeks and we shipped multiple use case concepts to Ford after completing exhaustive research. I co-led the 4 teams ensuring goals were met and ran sprints to keep the project moving along. Our project turned out as a success, as Ford will be working to implement the designs and personality we crafted.


    Project Manager

    I managed the Uber Elevate collaboration project at SCAD. I helped lead the vision of the project as well as maintain timely accomplishment of goals that had been set together as a team. I learned major communication skills and how to communicate outside of my typical design language due to interfacing with interior designers, architects, game designers and user experience designers.


    Interaction Design Intern

    Worked on the One Intuit Identity: Security team to help create a seamless flow through the entire authentication experience that affects millions of users daily. Created user flows for the sign in, create account & account recovery experiences and built a prototype to test potential features for the future of a new cornerstone product at Intuit. Also assisted with decisions for the new Intuit Design System.