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Teddy uses mixed reality and AI to inspire hope, create a relaxing environment and collect useful data for doctors and EMTs.



  • Vision video

  • AR/VR design

  • Wireframes

  • 360 photos

  • Project Management

  • Producing


Watch the case study for Teddy below


The Problem

Being transported to hospitals in an ambulance can be an extremely stressful and uncomfortable experience for children. The paramedic’s primary function as a healthcare provider is compromised when valuable time is spent offering reassurance and emotional support to a child. 


The User

Children who are hospitalized as well as children in ambulances.


The Opportunity

Teddy creates an environment that is interactive, social, and adapts to the patients and their specific injury. A child’s health and well-being are dependent on more than just their medical treatment. Through positive and affirming interactions, Teddy alleviates fear and helps to reduce the impacts of emotional trauma.

By offering paramedics flexibility and agility through technology, we strive to maximize the positive impact healthcare providers can have on the lives of the children that require their services.



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Medical Procedure Walkthroughs

Teddy saves Doctors and EMTs valuable time by explaining procedures like shots to the child.

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Pain Levels

Teddy asks the child to rate their pain on a visual, emotive scale. This establishes rapport and begins to entertain the child.


Real Time Vital Recognition

Temperature, pupil dilation, and blood pressure are tracked via the MR Headset and updated live to the EMTs and hospital.



Click and drag on the video to interact



Click and drag on the video to interact

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