Photograph of a Photograph

When thinking of how to photograph a photograph, I immediately thought of a letter my friend Connor Hagan wrote called “Dear Anyone”. This letter talks about how people are temporary and you are never guaranteed another moment with them. This aspect of temporary struck me and I realized that capturing photographs of people that are close to me is one of the only ways that I will remember those moments and what they were in that specific moment. With images, we are able to keep a physical memory without having to try and remember what exactly they looked like.

In this series, I wanted to capture people I consider close to me and use the image in the same setting only without the person to emphasize that people are actually temporary and every time you see them could be the last. I took the photos of the people on my phone and held it up in front of the camera to make it feel from my perspective of how I can see the scene with and without the person all in the same photograph. The background is blurred somewhat because I felt that the emphasis should be on the image of the person while still being able to tell that it was the same place.