As people, we all know our own flaws. But what is overlooked far too often is the beauty that relates human nature to the other natural things that surround us. Beauty is commonly associated with editorial magazines but that is only a false image. Nature is the best example of how something can be perfectly imperfect and exist in the same environment. Nature is organic, simple and naturally beautiful. The standards for beauty in our society do not talk about being natural and beautiful but more of “fixing” parts of the body to match the utopian Barbie doll body. It is important for us to take a step back and look at what really matters- natural beauty. It is only then that we will be able to realize that the true essence of beauty should not be confined to the boundaries we set as a society.

For my images, I chose to include the portraits of a model who represents natural beauty. The second images represent the feature in nature that best relates to the image of the person. I chose to use these images because they are all natural forming things that emphasize the perfectly imperfect nature of natural things. I decided to place the images of nature first because I did not want the person to be the first focal point. The nature photo acts as a benchmark to the kind of beauty I want to convey in the people.